Mass-production manufacturing service

From mass production of complete turnkey projects to the manufacturing of printed circuit boards,
and the installation and assembly of electronic devices, KoyoDenshi engages in all levels of manufacturing support.

Why us ?

・Single item custom manufacturing possible
・Take serious action after discussion with clients on issues of budget and production management
・Managing the work of experts (managers, engineers, technologists and designers)
・Production launch and electronics manufacturing support, production of enclosure and prototypes
・Long experience in production lines of complex electronic products in Japan
・An efficient innovative engineering team
・Our clients?have full control over the production process at every stage
・Good planning for a timely start of production and shipment of finished products

Our responsibility to you

The entire production process and perform any or all of the following tasks:

1.  Device installation and assembly

   ・Component purchasing for the project
   ・Assembly acceptance according to standards
   ・Development of testing strategies for each item
   ・Sample Bring up (first launch)
   ・Functional testing of assembled items
   ・Installation of firmware and device testing

2.  Manufacture of printed circuit board (PCB), cables wiring, etc.

3.  Follow up since prototype development to mass production design

4.  Packaging of electronic equipment

5.  Quality control in production

6.  Implementation of certification exam


・ISO9001 standard
・PSE conformance Test